What's Next?

With the The Windline in it's infancy, we are constantly developing the site, trying to plan what we want to add and what we can refine to make it more useful to our users. We are always open to comments and critiques about the services that we offer. If you'd like to tell us about anything, head over to ourcontact page .

In the short-term, here is what we are planning to work on:

1. Running our own WRF Downscaled Weather Models

If you're a water-sports enthusiast in Puget Sound, you know how finicky the wind can be. Local, high-resolution models are key for getting the forecast right and knowing when the conditions will line up for an epic session. We plan to spin up our own WRF downscaled models to provide as accurate of a forecast as we can for our region. We want to bring high-res localized forecasts to you.

2. Wave Forecasts

Whether you are a surfskier, SUP-foiler or a winger, we can all agree that waves are fun. With Sean's extensive background as an Oceanograph modeling waves in Southern California and in the Salish Sea, we want to bring relevant and reliable wave forecasts to you. If you happen to be a surfer, item #3 is for you.

3. Personalized Surf Forecasts

Scoring a surf session in Puget Sound can be tough, spots are secret and surf forecasts aren't what they are on the open coast. What we hope to bring to the table is a dashboard similar to our wind forecasts but for waves, with an additional layer of secrecy.
We know that your favorite surf spot is special and secret to you. With that in mind, we aim to build a system where you can provide your favorite surf spots and we will provide you with localized wave forecasts - for you and only you! No one else will have access to your spots and your forecasts.

4. User Accounts

We would love to build personalized profiles into our website, we just haven't had the time to do it yet. User accounts will allow you to save your favorite stations to build a slightly more customizeable dashboard, view your active alerts, and setup custom surf forecasts

5. Crowd Sourced Ideas

All of what we plan to do is not set in stone. Our ultimate goal with The Windline is to build an online tool that helps our users get more time on the water. If there is a feature that you think will allow you to work less and wing/surf/kite/paddle more, we want to hear about it!

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