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When we started kite surfing several years ago, good wind forecasts for local spots were difficult to find. We ended up with dozens of bookmarks to different websites and spent too much time determining if and where we should head to the water. So, we started The Windline, to help us and other PNW wind-sport enthusiasts, get more time on the water.

Combining our backgrounds in environmental modeling (wind, waves, rivers) and expertise in software development, we are working on building a fast, inuitive forecast tool for paddling and wind sport enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest. So far we created daily spot-forecasts, forecast maps, charts allowing us to drill down into daily details, and a platform to setup custom alerts -- and we are still building. We think the Windline will help us get more time on the water and we hope it helps you too.

Have questions, concerns, or are you excited? We want to know what you think, drop us a line at [email protected] anytime. We read and respond to every email we get. If you're interested in what we plan to build and where we want to take this website, head over to our what's next page and see what we are planning! See you out on the water

-Nate and Sean

The Team

Image of Nate VanArendonk

Nate VanArendonk

Full Stack Engineer | Lightbulb Changer

Nate is a geoloist by training and previously worked on wind, wave, and river modeling in Puget Sound. He is a passionate winger, kiter, skier and mountain biker

Image of Sean Crosby

Sean Crosby

Backend Engineer | Data Science

Sean is a physical oceanographer by training and previously worked on wave prediction, optimization, and data assimilation. He is a passionate winger, kiter, gravel+ rider, and runner

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