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Use the form below to create email alerts tailored to specific weather conditions at a site of your chosing. We are currently limiting each email to 2 alerts as we continue to build out our system to allow for more notifications.

You can sign up for:
Real-Time Alerts: Immediate notifications based on current observations.

We'll only send 1 alert every 12 hours
Day Before Alerts: Receive tomorrow's forecast at 7pm.
We'll only send you an alert if your criteria are met

Every alert email has a unsubscribe link if you'd no longer like to receive notifications for a site. In the event the unsubscribe link does not work, please email us and we will remove any alerts from our system (expect a response within 48-hours).

Note: We will never share your email with anyone for any reason.

Alert Information

Get notified when observations meet your criteria. We will only send one alert in a 12 hour window.

Get notified the night before if the forecast for tomorrow meets your criteria.